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Triple Threat Brother 2

There are people who should never set foot in New Orleans ever again. Cassandra Clemens, part of a family of thieves and con artists, is very definitely one of those people. 

She crossed me, an underboss of La Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian Mob, four years ago. Fooled me into thinking our relationship was real. That the feelings between us, the off-the-charts chemistry was authentic.

And then after eight months she left. Without a word. Without a goodbye. Without ever letting me know her real name. 

So when I find out her family has given Cassandra to a sadistic Russian mobster to pay a debt, I know I should just leave her to her fate. But he’s chased and caught her here, in my city.

So I’ll save the woman I’ve never been able to get out of my mind from certain death. Even if it means revealing the one secret I’ve never told anyone, the one factor that can offset a debt like this.

Cassandra is my wife. 

Time to come home, little wifey. You’ve got a debt to pay. And I’ve had four years to think of all the ways to make you pay it with that delectable body of yours.

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