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Triple Threat Brother 3

La Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian Mob, runs a big chunk of New Orleans. My brothers and I run La Cosa Nostra.

My favorite part? Deeper Threat, an exclusive underground BDSM club for members the mob and their guests only. No one speaks about the club. No one crosses us. No one would dare.

So when little Reina Torres, so prim she’s known as the Ice Queen shows up—unaccompanied and uninvited—I believe her when she says she got there accidentally. And relish the fact that she comes apart in my arms while watching the dirtiest of hot scenes.

She’s got a reputation for being unresponsive, but that’s just ridiculous. I’ve never met someone whose body is so in tune with the filthy, sizzling demands I want to make on it. I do make on it. 

Until I find out that little miss innocent has a hidden agenda of her own. She should’ve known better than to cross a Rinaldi.

Now she will pay in any way I see fit. The Ice Queen will burn.

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