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His to Control

She’ll pay for her father’s sins...


Six years ago, Declan lost his wife and unborn child to a heinous crime, and the man responsible was let off on a technicality. He’s spent six years planning his revenge and denied the pleasure of destroying the long-dead murderer, he’s turned his attention to the man’s daughter. 


She’ll pay for her father’s sins, and revenge will be sweet.


After a lifetime of disappointments, Katriona shouldn’t be surprised when the vacation she’s supposedly won ends up making her a captive to Declan, a man she’s never forgotten—a man now determined to claim her and use her in his twisted pursuit of vengeance. 


Knowing his intentions, it shouldn’t be difficult to fight him, but with his every touch and every mark he leaves on her as a sign of his possession, she falls deeper under his spell and into the darkness inside her. 


He’ll take nothing less that complete control…

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Books in the HIS FOREVER series:
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