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His to Possess

As captain of an Irish mafia crew, Shane O’Mara has money, women, and power at his disposal. He can have anything...

Except the beautiful, innocent waitress he’s been obsessed with since the moment he first saw her. He’d planned to woo her, ease her into his bed and his lifestyle. Keep her by his side.

But Mia Kasilli, daughter of a Russian kingpin, already knows all about the mafia lifestyle. She’s got the scars to remind her about it daily. 

And she wants nothing to do with Shane.

But when her father falls into Shane’s debt, and uses her for payment, Mia finds herself in Shane’s power. He’s dark and dangerous... the embodiment of everything she doesn’t want in a man. So why does she crave him so much? 

She’ll fight him every step of the way, but how will she fight herself?


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Books in the HIS FOREVER series:
2021-1301 Josephine Jade, Shane.jpg
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