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His to Entice

Patrick Murphy leads the Irish mafia in his city. He could have any woman he wants, except the one he’s fantasized about for years. The one he’s forbidden himself to take. 


His ward, Lauren. 


Until now, he’s managed to keep her out of his arms—and away from all the filthy things he wants to do to her—by sending her out of the country. Now that she’s finished with college and back home, his resolve is crumbling.  


Lauren’s determined to have him and make every fantasy he’s had come true. Patrick knows it’s impossible to fight her and himself.  


Just like he knows that once she finds out his deepest secret she’ll hate him. 


How can she not? He killed her father.

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Books in the HIS FOREVER series:
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2021-1303 Josephine Jade, Patrick.jpg
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